on empathy and compassion

Cultivating Empathy During Challenging Times

We are now deep in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic. At first, it may have seemed surreal and imaginary, but as the weeks and months go by, it becomes more and more realistic and our new normal is changing our lives like nothing ever has before. Some are on the front lines, while others have an easier job... and that job is to simply stay at home. Either way, the basic human emotions of empathy and compassion have come to the forefront during this unprecedented time, allowing us to unite and look toward one common goal -- survival. We are working together toward physical, emotional and economic survival.

I started thinking about the qualities of empathy and compassion recently, and let my mind delve a little more thoroughly into how these two qualities are the same, and how they differ. And also how these qualities seem to be innate in most people, but yet there are those who seem not to possess them at all. Why is that, I wondered.

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