We are born as perfect little human beings, but we have the potential to “lose ourselves” as we journey through our life experiences. As we’re growing and developing, we might cut ourselves off from what is unvalued by others in order to fit in. We can lose part of our souls while aspiring to live up to the expectations of others. What we reject of ourselves, we bury alive in the unconscious. Loss of soul creates a void, an emptiness that people often try to fill with addictive behaviors. In re-connecting with our souls, we allow ourselves to be in touch with our true, authentic selves…to experience our fullest potential.

We might compare beginning a yoga practice with learning to play a musical instrument. Most people can’t sit down at a piano or pick up a trumpet and instantly be a talented musician. It takes practice. It’s the same with yoga practice – it’s a lifelong commitment with powerful results. If you are practicing yoga now, you already know this. If not, perhaps this will inspire you to begin and to make it a part of your life. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

May the universe be filled with peace and joy, love and light; and may you find the peace that dwells within.